"ultimately, the purpose of digital marketing is to have low cost customer acquisition along with proper branding and engagement to increase customer loyalty and repeat business."

Founder of Digitality, JC Polonia, is a New York City native that got involved in social media marketing throughout his high school and college experience and has since turned his passion into a career to share his knowledge with others. JC works with his team consisting of a photographer, videographer, editor, and graphic designer to create quality content and successfully serve the unique needs of his clients and their brands.

Realizing that there was a major problem with small business owners not understanding the digital space, JC wanted to become the solution. With his knowledge of detailed targeting, market segmentation, as well as social media management and branding, JC set out to help small businesses not only keep up with their digital presence, but inevitably bring in more customers.    

meet jc

meet darren
creative director

Darren is a content creator whose work spans many different platforms. His personal projects on YouTube with MakeShiftReality have garnered millions of views and he has handled 100's of videos for our clients in various industries. He is also skilled in music production and has a strong passion for fitness.  

His goal in Digitality is to create works that help the clients grow, meet their goals, while also inspiring their audience in the reach of the content. Guiding client projects successfully is his forte and he always keeps the clients vision in mind.

meet jovani
junior video editor

meet jonathan
media strategist

Jonathan is an intern at Digitality. He is a graduate of Iona College, where he receive his Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing. Jonathan’s interest include basketball, music, technology, and fashion. 

Jonathan’s goals while interning at Digitality are to grow in the areas of Digital Marketing. He has a strong interest in photography and creating graphics. He strives to provide value to clients and his team members.

Jovani is a senior in high school and also the junior video editor at Digitality. With his open-mindedness he is able to construct videos to exceed clients expectations in any field.

His goal in digitality is to become more skilled in video production. Videos allow him to express his creativity which gives him such dedication towards this field. 

“I’m so happy I chose to work with Digitality. Learning how to optimize my social media to grow my new business has been so helpful and the results speak to the quality of the work."

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