"ultimately, the purpose of digital marketing is to have low cost customer acquisition along with proper branding and engagement to increase customer loyalty and repeat business."

Founder of Digitality, JC Polonia, is a New York City native that got involved in social media marketing throughout his high school and college experience and has since turned his passion into a career to share his knowledge with others. JC works with his team consisting of a photographer, videographer, editor, and graphic designer to create quality content and successfully serve the unique needs of his clients and their brands.

Realizing that there was a major problem with small business owners not understanding the digital space, JC wanted to become the solution. With his knowledge of detailed targeting, market segmentation, as well as social media management and branding, JC set out to help small businesses not only keep up with their digital presence, but inevitably bring in more customers.    


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you're wondering why us? we'll tell you!

when we say we do it all...we mean it!
we offer packages that include full photography and videography for your business!
many agencies require you to provide them with the content and they would take it from there. not with us.

an increase in social media engagement won't happen with low quality photos and iphone videos.

we know and understand that in order to fully execute on a digital strategy, all of these need to be in place.
don't let anyone tell you otherwise.


we shoot your content, edit it, and style it to ensure your feeds, pages, and ads are in top notch shape. 

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ā€œIā€™m so happy I chose to work with Digitality. Learning how to optimize my social media to grow my new business has been so helpful and the results speak to the quality of the work."

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